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    International Authentic Movement Day: Share Your Dreams for Authentic Movement
    October 4, 2016
    Mary Starks Whitehouse’s Day of Birth was October 4, 1911.
    We wish to celebrate her life and vision on this Second International Day of Authentic Movement.
    She began the vision/dream which became known as Authentic Movement with her dreams for “movement in depth” which began in the 1950’s over 60 years ago.

    Do you have a dream or wish for the future of the Authentic Movement Community? Save October 4th or thereabouts as a time to move your dream with the international authentic movement community as a whole.

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    Reflections on Mary Starks Whitehouse and her disciples:
    Mary’s practice of Authentic Movement taught me that I am intrinsically my own expert. I am the one that knows my Self best. There is no hierarchy of knowing better inside of my selves, or outside of myself. We are each our own experts to trust our own knowing. We are each our own best experiment. I don’t have to strive for what I am, rather trust that which makes me what I am.
    In the mover/witness relationship, Mary’s disciples have taught me to respect the power of the mover’s experience and how they are transformed by it. The witness is witnessing their own response to it, only to support the mover’s integration, retelling and removing of it as a record of their owning the experience. The mover is the one dialoguing with the witness, not the witness dialoguing with the mover. I mean this in that the witness has their own vibrant experience that they learn to contain to create safety for the mover, choosing to not project the witness experience upon the mover. The rich interplay between the mover and witness creates an individual intimacy of depth and history in each of them if practiced over and over.
    I don’t necessarily mean with the same dyad, but as a practice in each individual, and their relationship to the bigger world.
    Katherine Chowanec
    10-02-2016 after moving at Genesis

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    Intending to honor Mary Starks Whitehouse and join all who deeply love and practice Authentic Movement, we, Lizbeth Hamlin and Paula Sager, planned a time to move and witness with each other. After many years, of exploring this long-distance form, we found a familiar and yet freshly new energy emerging.

    We each light a candle on our altars….Read more

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    To remember the International Authentic Movement Day! It took place two weeks ago and now we are able to collect all photos.

    [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Groups celebrating International Authentic Movement Day 2016 From Nina Kungurova[/caption]

    to honor Mary Starks Whitehouse..
    to join to the big circle..
    with open hearts from Russia, Ukrain and Kazakhstan!

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    The above link takes you to the digitized AMJ’s..

    Vol 4.1

    Spring 1997: Interview with Kathlyn Hendricks, “Reflections on Mary Starks Whitehouse” by Christine Caldwell
    This is a wonderful article on Mary’s ideas.
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    Written following a movement session in honor of Mary Startks Whitehouse.  By Elizabeth Reid
    My thought as I walk is, “a teacher is a human being.”  Over and over I think, ‘a teacher is a human being.”  And then, “a teacher is a human being who dies.”  “A teacher is a human being who dies and leaves behind an energy.”
    I wonder and notice the energy that is left behind in my body from my teachers.  I feel places I have been touched.  Places of touching flood back into my memory and touch me again.  A dream of the divine child in Greece…an integration of male and female in my heart.  
    I go to another mover who has been such a teacher about touch.  She touches my aching knee and warms my wound.  I feel the touch of other teachers through the years…a touch that allows a growing presence, a touch that sees trauma and contentment, touching that hopes to add compassion to the world.
    In the short youtube clip of Mary Starks Whitehouse she says something like, “I see/experience you by being with your bodies, not with your smile or your talk.  Your body is the connection to the sacred.”
    I am noticing the teachers who teach how to use our energy to let go of ourselves and return to ourselves changed and transformed, more complex, more present, more compassionate, more able to dance as human beings who will die.
    My favorite teachers teach for their own autotelic,intrinsic,internal selves, their own self goals,their own optimal creative edge…learning their own way, according to their individual tastes and talents.
    All teachers are human beings who die, who touch, who learn, who need to be touched.
    When my father died I was so sad to think of all his brilliance lost, until I saw that his brilliance was for him, it was his, for his own enjoyment in life.  Now I am so touched when I notice his brilliance is still here and there in the world.

    From Aileen Crow
    I’m happy to read your writing and eager to hear more!
     I’ve been fortunate to have great teachers, and not just go for degrees. Some of my teachers have passed on, but stay with me in my being. I had an art teacher at the 92nd St “Y”, Anna Siok, who often said, ‘Isn’t it wonderful, everybody does something different!!”
      She modeled curiosity and generosity. -for others and for herself – she kept her art materials on her kitchen sink, ready to play!
    And a dance therapist who’s not in my life any more, but bequeathed me “ Make room for all your parts!”
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    Dedication to Martha Ayres

    from Alison Buck

    November 2, 2016


    In the wake of International Authentic Movement Day, when we honor the contribution of Mary Starks Whitehouse and share our experiences and thoughts in recognition of what she has given us through “Tao of movement,” I wish to offer a contribution to the Authentic Movement Community web site, both monetarily and by way of a personal dedication.


    My very good and long-time friend, support, colleague, and mentor, who was also my Jungian therapist and dream analyst for mort than 32 years, died on the 18th of August, 2016.  She had been diagnosed 10 months earlier with cancer.


    Though I did not realize it then, the last day I saw Martha in therapy was just over a year ago in October of 2015.  The unanticipated day I learned she had cancer, after which I would not be able to see her again as my therapist, was just a year ago.  I had initially hoped she would recover, at least enough so I’d be able to come see her again regularly in some capacity.  But that, sadly, was not the case.


    While I did have several opportunities to briefly see my deeply loved friend during the spring and early summer, I did not have the opportunity I so wanted, to bid her a proper good-bye.  And very soon after Martha’s passing, a crisis arose within my own family that even made it impossible for me to touch into my grief over losing Martha.  My experience has given me pause – to think about pursuing those things in life that feel most meaningful, and to have the awareness to realize in the moment, which things are.


    Why have I chosen our Authentic Movement Community as the place where I will share my dedication?  Because the deepest of connections I feel with Martha evolve from her dedication to the process of individuation, her expertise as a Jungian therapist, her gifted dream analysis and guidance in the world of active imagination, her devotion to the wisdom of one’s body, and her championing of the wounded female.  All of these are gifts I received from her, and these gifts in turn led me to reach toward, and receive the gifts of Authentic Movement, twenty years ago.


    Martha also had done Authentic Movement at some point, I understand.  I think there was very little that relates to the individuation process through one’s body that Martha has not done!  There were times that I asked her to be my witness, within the structure of Authentic Movement, which she gladly did for me.  And there were many, many times when I would bring her something I had experienced, written, or drawn from my Authentic Movement sessions elsewhere, and she would again act as my witness for these.  All have been such rich experiences, that I miss dearly.

    In October, I attended a retreat in the Discipline of Authentic Movement in WatertownMassachusetts.  There I finally had the time and space to open up to the depth of loss I feel for Martha, and I had the safety of the container to allow the feelings to come up in me and pass through.  A most potent realization from my retreat experience is that I am not alone in grieving about not having a proper goodbye:  I hold a deep sense that so too does she. 


    In writing this dedication, I realize that Martha Ayres was to my life what Mary Starks Whitehouse has been to the Authentic Movement Community.


    To Martha and in the witnessing of all who will read this, my deepest love and gratitude.